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    Wall Protection

    Wall protection product is created to protect buildings (from all to details) from relentless damage without compromising your choices in materials, color, thickness or patterns. It is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.


    • Brand: INPRO
    • Origin: USA
    • Warranty: 2 years

    1. Aspex – Printed wall protection

    With Aspex, you have the freedom to protect your walls with any image of your choosing. Moreover, your walls become a canvas and show personality, inspire the people who enter your building, all while staying protected.

    Product features and applications

    • Material options: PETG
    • Thickness: .040’’
    • Applications: wall covering and elevator interiors.

    Series of Aspex – Printed wall protection

    • BLOOM
    • DRIFT

    2. Palladium – Rigid sheet wall protection

    Palladium – Rigid sheet is the most popular product that will keep your walls looking pristine for years to come. It keeps your walls safe from the damage the wheelchairs, moving carts and other equipment.

    Product features and applications

    • Material options: Rigid vinyl and G2 BioBlend
    • Thickness: .030”, .040’’, .060”
    • Applications: wall covering, doors and elevator interiors.

    For more details, kindly download catalog


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