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    abTech Interior Decoration & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is one of the well - established and leading companies in supplying and installing interior and exterior architectural building materials and furniture manufacturing. Registered in 2002 under the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, abTech has a track record of close to 20 years. The management places great emphasis on quality assurance, quality control and safety and is ISO 9001 certified. We are expanding our business activities from distribution and installation of construction finishing materials, to designing and manufacturing of office & home furniture. With our design and construction teams that knows not only local business requirements but also understand customers’ demands precisely – abTech is where you can place your total confidence to complete your projects.

    Our Journey

    Nearly 20 years of expansion, abTech’s marketing team has marked our company in the market from North to South of Vietnam, we also have our installation team with well-trained members who are certified by the manufacturer. Our customer database has genuinely increased and we again proved our standards in the market as we have greatly contributed to the successful completion of a variety of well-known projects such as: office buildings, airports, telecoms and malls, with excellent outcomes.

    Despite the expansion on the business activities, we have not forgotten our root of business and we have gradually upgraded our products to be recognized as premium in the markets. With the wide range of fields in the market, we have segregated our profession to emphasize on Access flooring, Floor finishing products, Expansion joint system, Door and wall protection, and interior accessories.

    As we strive towards the modern and emphatic living standards of today, we did not stand with antique techniques. Our precious management team has been upgrading from days to years in practicing modern techniques of architecture project. We did not let go of the antique culture, which was always seem a demand by certain customers.

    Presently, we also offer a full range of design and turnkey solution projects which include: Architectural, Interior, Landscape design, manufacturing furniture, co-ordination of entire projects and execution. We are moving towards making ourselves one of the leading designing, trading & manufacturing companies within the country. At this juncture, we can assure you that our company is constantly on an upgrading trend to keep abreast of the technology within the growing industries. This will ensure that our management always performs outstandingly in contributing their professionalism towards the company goals.

    Our Factory

    The factory is covering a land area of 2500 square meters, fully equipped with modern technical machines and skilled technical workers to provide customers the best quality in our own products. Since manufacturing, we have successfully completed many projects as well as office, villa, apartment and commercial building in supplying and fixing timber (wooden) door - window, pergolas, handrail and decorative wall - ceiling - floor. Moreover, indoor and outdoor furniture are also our main products.

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