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    Organization Chart

    The focus of our Sales team is to discover and develop new avenues for corporate and partnerships in order to grow abTech’s business through understanding customer needs and requirements, identifying appropriate solutions within a short time.

    Our Accountant team handles all corporate and client oriented financial matters. The team’s responsibilities range from managing ABTech’s escrow services, handling client pay flow to the company’s finance and accounting needs.

    The Procurement team is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, services in the company, advanced planning, group buying, and negotiable pricing in order to provide our customer with the best quotation for high quality of products.

    Our technical team is focused on ensuring standards and technologies that bring safe, reliable product installment and can contribute to the success of project.

    Having access nationally to professional flooring installers to install our flooring is what makes the difference. Each installer is experienced in applying the correct methods of preparation and sub-floor rectification. We can offer continuity and consistency with professional flooring installers across the country.

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